Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Poem to my brother

Beautiful Long Curly Hair
By Jasper

My brother’s hair shimmers in the sun.
It is beautiful when he has it up in a bun.
But it is sad when I see him crying when he gets it brushed.

He is crazy.
Once he almost broke my finger when he swung his sword so hard.
He is a little brother but he is still good with a sword cause he is a barbarian.
And he is a samurai.  He trains almost every day.

When he is a samurai his hair looks like a swarm of angry bees swarming at his enemies.
His hair looks like a raging wave splashing on his foes when he is a barbarian.
When he is a mix between both he is like  an uncontrolled herd of buffaloes trampling all the trees in the forest.

Aram the great. The warrior.
My little brother.

Well Loved

As I tried to find a way to end this blog for my beloved son, I started to think about why and how Aram is the way he is...and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the people that love and adore him---as much as we do--- have also helped to "raise" him (the idea of it takes a village), so I asked a few people to weigh in on the subject. I found it interesting that the theme throughout these writings was Aram's sensitivity and stubbornness he graces our lives with, as well as his passion for being a brother...


Dear Aram,
You were born at the same time my airplane landed in Portland Oregon. I came to see you when you were only 20 minutes old. I watched your daddy lovingly hold you as he gave you your first bath. Seeing my son (daddy) hold you is one of my most precious memory I hold dear to my heart. As you begin to grow up, we noticed that you were the only lucky one to inherit Nana's curly hair. Although you were very shy at first you have grown into a very loving, cuddly, big boy. Even though I don't get to see you all that often, when I do see you I enjoy sword fights with you and brother, building cool things with Legos, water fights in the backyard with squirt guns, and drawing amazing monsters. I love the special moments we share when mommy and daddy go out on a date or sleep in and we make breakfast together. I especially love the day we made jelly swimming pools; they were so yummy. I look forward to the time when you and brother are old enough to come to California to visit for a week all by yourselves. We are going to have a great time doing all sorts of fun things. I love you very much,
love, Nana
Aram bug-
I have loved watching you grow up into the big boy you are today. The day you were born was such an exciting time for our family. Nana, brother, and I raced over to the hospital to meet you! We all were instantly in love! You were so little and cute! Now you're getting to be so big!! You're able to hold your own and tell others how it should be, yet you have a sweet, sensitive side. I do love that you're not too old for some TT snuggles, because that's always my favorite! I do

and will always love my little monkey!!! 
Love, TT
From Grandpa Alaska:One of my favorite memories totally destroyed the thought that a RC car is a license to sit upon ones butt. Aram loved driving the remote race car but he does it in his style. Where goes the RC car goes Aram with Jasper on the other side. Aram controlling the car at whatever speed as he runs along with it whooping and hollering with joy till he runs over himself. Or into the fence or whatever. Rights the RC manually and off he goes again.

Oh sweet Aram,

You are such a strong and sensitive soul. It has been a delight watching you grow up and develop into your own person. I still remember meeting you at the hospital when you were just a day old- so tiny and precious. Since then you have grown into such a special young man. I love being a part of your life. You are a beautiful blend of sweet and sass; and while sometimes you just don't give a damn (this is the honey badger side to you, as your mom likes to call it), you find so many other times to care and express your gentle side. You are one of a kind, and I love you so much.


Getting to know Aram

Getting to know Aram was like most young kids, not sure if they like you, or do they just like their mom and dad! But as Aram got older, I noticed the best way to get him to like you is to make sure his brother Jasper likes you. There were certain people Aram felt comfortable with and I'm not sure I was one of them. Then one day Jasper and I were wrestling. Aram thought I was hurting his brother and he got very protective of him. (That was a cool thing to see because it showed me he loved his brother and how he looks up to his brother a lot). So while wrestling with Jasper, Aram started growling at me to defend his brother, so I grabbed him and started wrestling with him too. After that, I think we became buds for life!! I also liked how he calls his brother "Brother" which I have never heard a little brother say before

When I got to read to Aram I was amazed how well he could read or shall I say remember. There is nothing better than having a young kid tell you that you have to read to them, and that is what Aram said to me. That is when you know you are someone important in their life! One of the other thing Aram loves to do is to sword fight and even though I am three times his size I would say he can hold his own. I have to get my digs in now before he grows taller than me and I then I will be on the losing side of things. 

One of the highlights of my life was when Aram called and Nana answered the phone. Aram immediately asked to talk to me. Nana said "don't you want to talk to me" and Aram said "not right now I want to talk to Grandpa Bruce because Grandpa are important too!" So if that didn't make my day I don't know what would!!
Certainly looking forward to spending time with Aram and his brother Jasper as they get older. The only problem is, I don't like it when kids are smarted than me so I better start taking some smart pills or eating my vegetables (You can ask Jasper about how well that works). 

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks and having some fun together!!

Grandpa Bruce
To Aram,

I remember when you were just a little baby, and you were pretty wary of me.  Any time I would come to your house, you would look at me with suspicious eyes and if I lingered long enough, or heaven forbid tried to hold or interact with you, you would cry and scream in a fit of pure terror.  But, I must have grown on you a bit, because that didn't last very long.  One of my favorite memories is taking a nap on your mommy and daddy's couch with you equally passed out next to me.  I love that you were always down for a snuggle.

When you got a little older, another of my favorite memories was taking you and your brother to the park by the Lloyd Center, where you guys were running through the fountains.  I was chasing you and you were screaming and laughing, and so full of joy.  It was such a sweet
moment, and a memory I will always treasure.

I remember I always stuck up for you being the 2nd child, making sure big brother wasn't picking on you too much or being unfair.  But I didn't have to do that, because you grew up to be tough, and strong, and I could see that you had no problem holding your own.  Aram, may you always keep strong the spirit of the warrior-samurai-honeybadger!


Uncle Dan Dan

Let me start by saying I love, love, love Aram!! From the time he was a sweet baby I've always felt a special connection with him, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend lots of time with him when we lived in Portland. I remember one time we were babysitting him and Jasper and took them to the park down the street from our apartment. I don't really remember what started it but I begin making monkey noises and Aram began to mimic me, and then we just kept going back-and-forth like that for a long while. Aram thought it was the funniest thing and just kept laughing when I would pretend to be a monkey with him.
Another fun memory I have with Aram is when Dan, me, Dustin, Kes, Jasper, and Aram all went out to hood river/mt hood for a couple nights . We played in the park, had lots of good food and went out and played in the snow. What a great time!
One of Aram's Best qualities is his sensitivity he is so sweet at times, but it also means he cries at what most people would think are unexpected times.I remember I was babysitting Aram and trying to pack up our apartment (to leave Portland) and I put on Sesame Street for him to watch. He was sitting there quietly and contently for a while and then all of a sudden he walked up to me without making a sound  and with tears rolling down his face. Something on Sesame Street had scared him (I don't remember the details of what was on TV but there were some dark looking characters, to his credit).
These are just a few memories I have with this sweet boy and some of the reasons why I love him so much!
Auntie Ri-Ri
Aram: The man, the myth, the legend

There's this kid, you see, a boy with a mind all his own and a sensitivity that warmed all around. He admired his big brother to no end, but in his shadow he did not walk. Rather, he created his own shadow and thought it fine to put it side by side with the brother he adored, no matter how much bigger. And so he did. He would not be held back, whether the size of sword he lugged, the distance he dared jump from atop the couch, the hunger he exhibited at the dinner table, or the lengths he'd go just to say, "No." He wasn't just a little brother, see. He was Aram: man (boy), myth, legend.

The legend begins on top. Literally. His hair, long and flowy with just enough curl to make it rugged, followed him wherever he went. And it took on the mood of the boy (man and legend). Evenly dispersed? Focused and ready for adventure. Bun on top? A seasoned samurai warrior. Locks gently pushed to the side? Cute, cuddly, and ready for nighttime read-aloud. Twisted and frayed? Well, don't cross him if he's past nap time.

In the years his legend has grown (this being the fourth), Aram sword fought the most fierce of foes (his uncles), quipped to a level Twain would be proud, imagined like all boys should, and drew gazes from women young and old. There were tantrums, sure, and his stubbornness was the stuff of legend—but even that could only be admired, for it really had no match. Nor did his sensitivity and imagination and love from aunts and uncles and admirers galore. And so it is, a boy who has slowly (quickly?) grown into one of the raddest kids around. He is Aram, uniquely Aram.

Uncle Jeff
 A is for Aram, and aardvarks and autos.
A is for Aram, and Alaska, and antelope.
A is for Aram, and armadillos, and angelfish.
A is for Aram, and apples, and apricots.
A is for Aram, and Autumn, and air.
A is for Aram, who is:
A  Astonishing
R  Relaxed
A  Artistic and
M  Merry.
 love Grandma Oh Oh 

Interview with Cousin Caden and Auntie RenRen

Q: How old is Aram?
A: Four, and I'm four like him

Q: What is your favorite thing about Aram?
A: being 4 (with a very certain look)

Q: Who do you think is or Aram?
A: I think...I'm pretty sure he's younger.

Q: When Aram is visiting you at your house, what do you think his favorite toy to play with is?
A: Ummmm...legos?

Q: What is your favorite toy when you visit Aram in Portland?
A: Swords (no hesitation)

Q: What do you think Aram's favorite toy in Portland is?

A: Also a sword (again, no hesitation)

Q: What is your best memory with Aram?
A: Going for a walk

Q: What do you think Aram's favorite color is?
A: I'm pretty sure it's pink

Q: What do you think Aram's favorite food is?
A: Quesidilla

Q: Who do you think Aram's favorite cousin is?

Q: What is your favorite thing about Aram's looks?

A: His hair...I like the way it's made

Q: What do Aram's farts smell like?
A: POOP! (giggling)

Q: If Aram was a superhero...who would he be?

A: The Flash...for sure the Flash

We love watching you grow and change Aram. 

I am so lucky to be your Auntie!  We love you.


A goofy poem for my sweet nephew Aram, because the ripe age of four deserves some silliness!

“I am Aram The Great!”
A wild man! Rough and tumble kinda’ kid.
An artsy-fartsy unique dude, you’ll be.
Mama K and The Olde(s), forever your heroes.
Amazing little Brother Bear,
Really shows how much he cares.
A fierce ninja warrior, ready to take on the world!
Maybe you’ve met him?

 Love you, Kid!
Auntie Court


 Jasper entry

My dear dear son, Aram.

This second week in August, in the summer of your fourth year, just so happens to be Burger Week in Portland, a time of delicious excess for those of us who like to get down with some meat piled high with insane additions like house-made pork rinds, pimento béchamel, jicama salad, and sticky-sweet peanut sauce. Sounds awful, right? Well, upon hearing his dad’s list of his top seven joints to visit, Aram calmly shrugged, “I’m so in for that.”

Which brings me to the quality about Youngest Old that I hold most dear to my heart.

Aram is a down-ass kid.

Seriously down for whatever, whenever. And it’s not like, “Hey, Aram. Want to go to the park?” “Sure, Dad.”

No, it’s all like, “Hey, Aram. Do you want a bite of this fried grasshopper?”
“Yes, but can I have sixteen of them to myself?”

“Yo, Aram, want to go on a trip to Mars tomorrow?”
“I’m already packed, Dad. Can we leave now?”

Whether it’s gladly trekking halfway across the state to see some boring ass desert, wake up at 2am to watch the full moon with his night owl father, get down on some intricate craft project with his crafty Mama K, patiently get his ass handed to him in chess by his big brother Young Old, gladly taste with gusto any weird food his family hands him, or earnestly listen to Dad drone on about the day’s news, Dude is Down. I mean, he’s been talking non-stop now for two weeks about this weekend’s upcoming family backpacking trip. He’s four.

“Dad, will there be wolves in the forest?”
“Can we ride them?”

But lest ye think that Aram is simply a Yes Man, allow me to dispel that notion. Aram is literally the
most stubborn individual I know, the distilled essence of a long lineage of hard-headed folks on both sides dating back to the dawn of humankind. If Aram doesn’t want to do something, he simply won’t do it.

“Can you please finish the food you just said you were literally going to die from a lack of?”
Shrugs: “No, thanks.”
“Can you please wear something in addition to your undies and a crown while we play outside in the snow?”
Shrugs: “I’m good, Dad.”
“Can you please not swing knives at your brother, while balancing on one foot atop the table, with a cardboard box encompassing your head?”
Shrugs: “Nope!”

What it comes down to, I think, is Aram really just wants to be involved. He doesn’t want to miss a moment or event that anyone else experiences. He’s deathly hurt by feeling left out, something we have had to work very hard at remembering as we are still learning how to fit Aram into our daily rhythm now that his abilities and interest levels are rapidly catching up to his big brother’s. He wants to shine as an equal, and won’t ever let us think of him as a “second child,” but more as an additional, just younger, Son #1. Maybe we were unwittingly prescient when we half-seriously bestowed the nicknames Young Old and Youngest Old. Two styles of a similar thing. We can hang with that, since our love for our two boys has always felt like different interpretations of the same song. Young Old might have some opinions on that philosophy, having been Son the One and Only for several years, but you two will have to work that out in the inevitable adult counseling sessions.

I kid. These boys have blown us away with their ability to show love and respect and care for one another. They refer to each other as “Brother” (hey, no Arrested Development jokes, please!), and, though they squabble over stupid shit like any other human guppies (or just humans), they share a profound sense of connectedness. If we sneak Young Old a treat, he’s quick to remind us to share some with Aram. If I suggest to Aram that he and I pop into the latest Legend of Zelda game for a quick bit of adventuring, he refuses, steadfastly reminding me “Brother would be sad to miss it, Dad.”

A Son down for anything, including his Brother? Can it get any better than that?

I’ve really enjoyed reading your mother’s amazing stories she’s written here for you, celebrating your first few years of life. I hope you and Young Old understand the whys of my writing a book of memories for your big bro, and mom’s for you. It speaks nothing as to preferences or favoritism, since we parent together, and speak our profound feelings for you boys as one, no matter whose voice utters the magic words:

I love you, Aram.

Forever, your dear father, Old.
Hi Aram, this grandpops writing to let you know that i think you are the greatest guy ever!  I know what its like to be the younger brother.  I know you are eager to do all the awesome things Dustin is doing but sometimes you can not quite do them yet. How frustrating is that!  

But you are your own little man with your own thoughts and feelings, your own way of doing things. When I am with you I am always pleased with the way you treat others and you smile lights up my day. I remember when we

were in the restaurant and we we playing with the slow motion feature on my iPhone. You had no hesitation to just get up and dance joyfully. I like that you are confident and not worried about how other think of you. Just do it is your attitude.  Its Great!  As you grow up always know that I and the rest of your family love you especially your brother Jasper. I can't wait to see what awesome things you will do in the years ahead but am already proud of the person you are now!

I love you much. Gradpops

Dear Aram (the great),
For me you have been the greatest little boundry pusher, snuggle-bug, and imaginative play partner! You have allowed me to become a better mama, because you forced me to slow down and be present for you. You have inspired me, and changed me with your adventurous spirit. Your imagination and creative way of seeing the world has made us all giggle and squirm at times. You will have completed our family! MugaMuga.
Mama K

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings."
                                                                    ~Hodding Carter

Monday, August 17, 2015


Need I say more....

Emotions of Aram

Aram is an amazingly sensitive, don't give a fuck, silly boy!
A one of a kind...

4 years...

I asked Aram what kind of party he wanted and his reply was...drum roll...(because it is never easy to satisfy this creative and fun-loving creature)..."A banana lego party!" he screamed. "and I want banana swirl too!"

Dustin and I had to google what banana swirl was cause we didn't want to disappoint, here is what he was talking about. And it was actually quiet yummy!

So on his special day we had banana swirl and at his birthday party the cake was banana bread (his request), made to look like legos...

We learned alot about the world of Legos, especially that there are crazy people out there that have developed an entire language around this cultural phenomen (sneek a peek at the food labels).
It was a fantastic Lego day!

Brick Bash!
Come celebrate the 4th annual release of the limited edition ARAM minifigure! Through the years we've had many bricks and blocks but this one is one of a kind. Light refreshments and party games will be provided. No instructions necessary.
Yes: Ready to build
Maybe: peices might be missing
No: I play mindcraft


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

He's Got Some Moves!

When Aram isn't playing make believe he is listening to music. Recently he was given head phones and an old school ipod which is magical, because now he can listen to that sound a million times without driving his parents nutso!
And with the music comes some amazing moves...

Kitchen Helper

Aram REALLY REALLY likes to help in the kitchen. Every time I or Olde are in there he comes wondering in saying "can I help!!!"  He always wants to wear an apron and now uses knifes safely, and can mix, sift, etc really well...Maybe a little chef is in the making. Recently he even helped shuck 50 lbs of strawberries.